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Michelle Voss is a figurative painter that distinctly focuses on color composition and form to express emotion. 

Previously based in Redlands, California, Michelle now travels and is transitioning into living in Nendaz, Switzerland.

"My goal is to provoke profound emotion through the art I create. I hope you find something you can connect to here."



2019  University of Redlands: Johnston Center of Integrated Studies @ Redlands, CA, USA.


Emphasis: “Medicine, Society, and Art”



2019 Mural: Totem Escalade Gland – Gland, Switzerland

2019 Mural: Totem Escalade Vevey – Vevey, Switzerland

2018 Mural: Totem Escalade Ecublens – Ecublens, Switzerland

Awards and Grants

2016-2018 Johnston Student Project Fund

Curatorial Projects

2019 Group Show: Directed Study

Other Projects

2019-Current: Partnership with Twin Flame Productions: Clothes By LaMooche


2019 Group Show: Beatnik Lounge – Joshua Tree, CA


2018 Group Show: La Matadora – Joshua Tree, CA

 “DYS/function: Functional Art for our Dysfunctional World”

2018 Group Show: University of Redlands - Redlands, CA

“The Beat Within”

2018 Group Show: University of Redlands - Redlands, CA

“Fall Workshops: How To Do Things With Color”

2017 Group Show: University of Redlands – Redlands, CA

“Johnston Art Show”

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